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KOP-TERM   PC software for KOP chargers with the extended version of firmware. This firmware supports additional functions like pulse charging, voltage gradient detection etc.

The software enables modification of charger parameter values accordingly to the battery manufacturer charging specifications. The parameters may be set in the factory or in the field through a unique PC interface. A special programming adapter KOP-USB is necessary for the communication. This adapter is connected to the computer's USB port. The old KOP PC Interface is supported also (connects to the PC over the COM port).
Look at the screenshots and manual for a complete description of parameters.

Through the same interface not only the charging parameters but also a lot of other information is accessible like: charged amp-hours for the last 32 chargings, charging times, error information, voltages at which charging has been started etc.


NOTE: The parameters in the screenshots are just to show some of the options - not for a particular battery type.