We have launched the MODEL+ pilot demonstration project (demonstration of smart modular construction, connectivity and control of next-generation electricity and heat sources).

100kW system for electric boats

SAC51 system with 100kW motor

  • SAC51 controller for 96-370 V nominal battery voltage
  • PMSM100
  • GD2 / 12V
  • KOP130-420
  • 2 x KOP3000
  • KOP100 / 12V
  • ...


  • SAC51 for 96-440V DC supply voltage
  • GD2-12V Display
  • KOP100 12V/8A on-board battery charger
  • KOP130-420 DC-DC converter
  • C60D6 - wire harness
  • C40T2 - cable for motor temperature sensor
  • Pump and blower control box 12V
  • Distribution box with HV2, battery fuses and contactors
  • FI-Box (RCD and fuses for chargers)
  • KOP3302
  • GP1
  • KOP-Alarm
  • Propulsion engine PMSM100 100kW, liquid cooling (with motor flanges, retaining feet, 12 V pumps built on the flange, axle flange, user guide and more)