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Motor controller for vehicles and boats

Battery voltage: 96 V to 290 V
Rated power: 80 kVA
Max. power: 120 kVA
Rated output current: 240 A
Max. output current: 280 A
IP rating: IP54
Cooling type: Liquid


  • State of the art technology
  • Compact design
  • Easy setup
  • Sensorless vector control
  • Speed or torque control
  • Set-point value via CAN bus
  • Autotuning and self-test functions
  • Battery management
  • Liquid cooling


Battery voltage 96 V to 290 V
Supply voltage range 80 V to 340 V
Rated power 80 kVA
Max. power 119 kVA
Rated output current 240 A
Max. output current 280 A
IP rating IP54
Cooling type Liquid
Dimensions 300 x 155 x 245 mm
Weight (incl. cables) 13kg


  • Wiring harness C60D6
  • GD2-12V - Display unit
  • Pump cable C40P2


Flyer: pdf
Connection diagram with wire harness C60D6 v3:[pdf]
Pump control: pdf

Connection diagram with wire harness C40D6: [pdf