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KOP-USB2 Programming Adapter

The new programming adapter for KOP Chargers allows the communication with KOP chargers directly over the USB Interface and has an integrated power supply. It is not necessary any more (as before) to supply the PC interface from the battery or power supply.

The KOP-USB can be used for the PD3 and KOP-PROT diagnostics and programming also.

Three products have been integrated into the new device:

  • programming adapter,
  • power supply (supplies power to the charger during programming) and
  • USB to COM port adapter, since new computers usually have no COM port any more.

KOP-USB will be delivered together with the appropriate USB cable and Software.


Additional adapters for the KOP-USB2 can be ordered separately:

KOP-AD2 Programming of older chargers which communicate over the battery cable
KOP-AD3 Programming of chargers with a serial output for KOP-PROT
KOP-AD-PROT Programming of the KOP-PROT module
KOP-PD3 Programming and diagnostics of PD3 and PD3/S drive controllers

 Driver download

Windows XP, Vista, Win'7: "Driver in a ZIP file" or "Setup executable file - automatic installation"

NOTE: Automatic driver installation is included with KOPTERM and KOPTERM2 software packages.