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Name of project: Development of monitoring of e-vessel and e-vehicle systems and preparation of the ecosystem for reuse of batteries

Acronym: IOTBAT

Project website:


Project funding: Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport

Timeframe:  1.11.2022 - 30.10.2024

Total cost: 535.581,82 €

The amount of co-financing: 292.210,91 €

Piktronik d.o.o. coordinator: dr. Miran Rodič

Leading consortium partner: Piktronik d.o.o.

Participating organizations: Piktronik d.o.o. , Inova IT d.o.o.



Smart specialization priority area: Circular and low-carbon economy

Project summary:

The project addresses areas of the circular economy, mitigating environmental impacts and reducing the likelihood of accidents with impacts on the natural environment. It further supports the introduction of electric mobility and digitization.

As part of the key strategies and programmes, the project focuses on the development of a new generation of propulsion and control systems for electric vessels and indirectly their usability in other applications, which will be supported by remote diagnostics in the form of digital twin (preventive and predictive maintenance) blockchain technology for integrated life cycle recording and characteristics (technical parameters) of built-in batteries for traceability,  monitoring, an extension of the life of all components of the system and indirect secondary use of batteries and other electrical systems (e.g. controllers).

The project will develop a communication module (Piktronik) that will monitor the operation of electric vehicle and vessel systems and transmit data via the NB-IoT mobile network module developed for the Internet of Things (IoT) to cloud or backend systems (Inova IT). The module will communicate with all electronic systems of the electric vehicle or vessel via the CAN bus and will be connected to additional sensors to enable the capture of data not covered by other electronic units of the propulsion system and batteries. This will provide not only safety and security features but also additional functionality for end-user solutions. Cloud data will provide information to users, authorized distributors, and manufacturers. Particularly critical information will be provided directly to users, the manufacturer and maintenance teams. The user will also be able to turn certain systems and devices on and off based on the available information. The manufacturer will use the data as a basis for remote diagnostics and preventive maintenance of electric vessels and vehicles. To this end, data storage and preparation for the use of the digital twin will be carried out. Software will be created to use standard communication protocols and applications. Service and user applications for PCs and mobile phones (Inova IT) will be created to monitor user data. The software for the manufacturer will enable the statistical processing of the retrieved data, filtering them (the amount of data will be large), and diagnosing errors that can develop into failures and consequently in system failure. For this purpose, all data will also be equipped with the time of their creation.

In addition, in the frame of this project, joint integration will also be extended to new functionality (in the field of blockchain technology) which will present to the market a new platform for the traceability of electronic units (e.g. batteries) and their secondary use (e.g. for the needs of energy storage) when they are not more efficient enough (in the context of pre-objective maintenance) for use in e-vessels.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (investment B: "Co-financing research innovation projects in support of green transition and digitization, component 1: "R&D& Research, Development and Innovation" (C3 K1), 3rd development area: "Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth").